Light diffusing powder

Light diffusing agent is an excellent anti-aging agent with excellent performance. It absorbs ultraviolet light of 240-340 sodium. It has light color, non-toxicity, good compatibility, low mobility and easy processing. It is a polymer. It has maximum protection and helps to reduce color while retarding yellowing and retarding physical property loss. This product is a new generation of high-efficiency silicone light diffusion, LED diffusing agent, LED astigmatizer, 100% special multifunctional silicone resin spherical fine powder synthesized by exclusive patented technology, high light diffusion effect, low added amount, thermal stability outstanding.

It is mainly used for the light diffusing masterbatch and pumping of the lampshade, the diffusion board manufacturer of the liquid crystal television flat panel display, the light diffusion coating, the cosmetic powder foundation makeup,

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Silicone special light diffusion raw material