• Supply 2μm LED light diffusing powder for PC, ABS
  • Supply 2μm LED light diffusing powder for PC, ABS

Supply 2μm LED light diffusing powder for PC, ABS

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CNY ¥ 150 / KG

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5 KG

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Product Description


LY1801 diffusing agent is a high-performance powder that combines the excellent properties of silicone with lubricity, impact resistance, light diffusivity, and heat resistance. This product can provide a variety of optical properties such as balanced light transmittance, haze, and light scattering effects. Performance, it imparts different refractive light diffusion effects in transparent plastics such as PC, PMMA, PS, PP, etc. Its products are widely used in injection molding extruded high-end transparent PC lamps, lampshades, light boxes, flat LCD light diffusion panels, LED lamp covers, and light diffusion sheet processing. In the fields of molding, the light transmittance and diffusivity are well balanced, and the dispersion and stability are good. It can provide a variety of particle size options. It is the raw material of choice for major LED parts factories and modified plastics factories.


  This product is a silicone resin spherical powder with an average particle size of 2 microns and a light refractive index of 1.43. It has the characteristics of superior dispersibility and good lubricity. The heat resistance is much higher than the general acrylic fine powder. Even if the PC material is aging, it will not turn yellow. Since the light refractive index of the silicone resin fine powder is relatively low, it is more efficient in improving light diffusion.

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