ABS plastic light diffusing agent - LED light diffusing powder

ABS plastic light diffusing agent - LED light diffusing powder

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Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰5 KG

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Product Description

The light diffusing agent is a micron-sized organic high-refractive thermoplastic microsphere. The transparent plastics such as PC, PMMA, PS, PP, ABS and other transparent plastics impart different light-diffusing effects. The main products are used for injection-molded LED lampshades. The light diffusion plate is processed and formed, the balance of light transmittance and diffusivity is good, the dispersion and stability are good, and the selection of various particle sizes can be provided. It is the preferred raw material for major LED accessory factories and modified plastics factories.








Light diffuser


Light diffusing film


By imparting excellent light diffusibility by combination with a resin such as PC, PMMA, PS, PP, or ABS, it is also possible to impart light diffusibility to the film by adding it to the spray agent.


Packaging film


Prevents adhesion, improves the smoothness of the meter, maintains good heat sealability, and maintains the transparency of plastic film (PP, PE, PET)




Improve the use of foundations, skin care products and other cosmetics, sweat resistance and hiding


Paint, ink


Improve the matt finish of the surface, surface smoothness and hydrophobicity




Improve the friction resistance, water resistance of rubber and enhance the smoothness of rubber surface




It can be used as a dispersing aid for pigments, anti-flocculation aid, improve the charge control of toner, fluidity, improve the processing performance of various detergents and wax products.



Excellent light diffusivity


Through the combination with polystyrene, acrylic resin, etc., it has very good light diffusivity and high total light transmittance in a small amount, which is very suitable for liquid crystal display, light diffusing plate and poly Application in the field of acrylic plastic stools.