• DIY多变化颜料 变色龙珠光颜料 DIY化妆品颜料
  • DIY多变化颜料 变色龙珠光颜料 DIY化妆品颜料
  • DIY多变化颜料 变色龙珠光颜料 DIY化妆品颜料
  • DIY多变化颜料 变色龙珠光颜料 DIY化妆品颜料

DIY多变化颜料 变色龙珠光颜料 DIY化妆品颜料









变色原理简介Change color profile


Optical color change of film thickness, interference of light condition after irradiation by the light will occur a series of optical interference effect, other colors with the change of the human eye observation Angle and changes, made light optical color film was smashed and a series of process variable pigment, optical color ink color change effect is variable pigment in the ink is light. This color Angle effect of the optical thin film is the key to optical color ink used for anti-counterfeiting.


产品的应用The application of the product


Is a kind of innovative optical effect of the special time, color will be according to the different viewing Angle and produce three-dimensional color changes, and do not contain heavy metals, and other pigments, dye spell with attractive colour effect, simple and convenient operation, extremely easy to disperse in water and solvent system, widely used in automobile, motorcycle, sport equipment, home appliances, plastic products, cigarette package printing, etc.


世界 品牌变色龙颜色The world famous brand chameleon color

绿紫变色 蓝紫变色 红金变色银绿变色 金银变色 镭射变色 金变灰 红变黄 紫变橙  红变绿  紫变绿 红变黄绿 绿变紫

Green purple color Blue purple color Red and gold color Silver green color Gold and silver color Laser color gold gray red yellow and purple orange red, green, purple, green Red yellow green green turning purple


光学涂料Optical coating

  现代科技产品日新月异,企业为了使其产品能够吸引更多客户,除了不懈地提高产品的性能和质量外,也日渐重视产品的外观设计。变色涂料是目前市场上备受青睐等等一种高科技产品,应用过程中通过光学变色喷油实现制品的颜色随观察角度的改变而改变,具有独特的视觉效果,是一种良好的装饰材料。现已被国内一些 的企业用于高档的家用和商用产品上。

Modern technology with each passing day, the enterprise to make its products can attract more customers, in addition to constantly improve product performance and quality, also increasingly pay attention to product design. Color coating is popular on the market at present is a high-tech product, and so on by optical discoloration injection products in the process of application of color along with the change of the viewing Angle changes, has a unique visual effect, is a good decoration materials. Has now been some well-known domestic enterprises for high-end residential and commercial products.


适用范围Scope of application


Electrical appliances, vehicle body or body parts, shoes, artificial leather, plastic products, electronics, furniture, handicrafts, sports equipment, high-grade dress, high-grade packaging, cosmetics and finishing industries; In addition can be applied to print.




Chameleon paint through the absorption and reflection of light and a stark, strange with Angle different color, dynamic color changing effect, the observation Angle of incidence Angle and the light of different circumstances, every piece of pigment can reflect the change of the colors.


使用方法method of application


The chameleon paint transfer into solvent or water-based products. The pigment and many kinds of organic and inorganic pigment and dye spell to use, so as to change a refreshing effect.