Laser engraving powder

product description
---Laser marking, also known as laser engraving (referred to as laser engraving), is a local irradiation of high-energy laser, which causes physical or chemical changes in the irradiated parts. With the popularization and cost reduction of laser marking equipment, this marking method has been widely used in the automotive industry, electronics, electrical appliance manufacturing, PVC pipe industry and animal husbandry. Applications include printing barcodes, QR codes, production numbers, batches, body numbers, pushbutton switches, as well as company logos, corporate logos and more.
--- Product alias: laser additive, laser powder, laser engraving powder, laser powder, laser marking powder, laser marking additive, laser masterbatch, laser marking material, plastic laser marking powder.
---Laser additives can make plastics easier to be laser marked/coded, greatly improving the clarity of laser markings for plastic materials. In the past, only tiny marks were formed, and high-definition marks are now available.
The main function---absorbing laser energy, converting the laser beam into heat energy, heating the plastic, carbonization, evaporation and chemical reaction. For plastics of different chemical properties, there are different varieties of light-colored laser markings on dark backgrounds and dark laser markings on light-colored backgrounds.
--- Suitable for marking on PP.PE.PVC.ABS.TPU.TPE.TPV.TPR.PBT.PET.PC.PA.POM.SAN and other materials. Black, white, beige, and gray handwriting can be marked.
 Instructions ---
The dosage is: 3‰~5‰;
, laser engraving aids can not be baked;
Can be used with color masterbatch during extrusion granulation and direct injection molding;
Directly mix with plastic, and then directly injection molded parts using an injection molding machine.
---The color of the mark is black, white, gray, beige
---Application range: livestock ear tags, light switch covers, cosmetic packaging materials, automotive interior buttons and door handles, instrument panels, ABS keyboards for commercial machines, HDPE, PET and PVC rigid containers and container covers, nylon and PBT cars And non-automotive electrical connectors, hood components such as fuse boxes and air caps, security labels, container seals, stationery, appliance casings, etc. and packaging materials / toys / household appliances / building materials / pipes / automotive interior / leisure products, etc.//

Laser carving masterbatch

The laser engraving masterbatch has a black engraving white font effect. Just add the masterbatch to the PP material to have the effect of black plastic parts.